The Beginning of JomShops

JomShops is held by BOProvider Import & Export (SA0363404-M). We founded in 2015 and major in importing the products directly from the manufacturer or product owner. With the rapid growth in e-commerce, Jomshops aim to be a supply chain into providing a variety of product categories, and continue to have more categories of products with a wide range of varieties from time to time.

The Story Behind Our Name

BOProvider Import & Export (SA0363404-M) was established in 2015. BOProvider - Business Opportunities Provider, is a SSM registered company in Malaysia, and providing the business opportunities to entrepreneur to start their business with a low capital by sourcing the products worldwide.

Global Warehouse Partnerships

We now have partnerships with warehouse in China, USA, Germany, Thailand, and Indonesia, and continue to expanding with local warehouse in Britain, Australia, France, and so forth. You are free to source any products or bulk purchase for your business.


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