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Air outlet mobile phone holder

Air outlet mobile phone holder

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Product name: Car air outlet mobile phone holder
Product material: Imported aluminum alloy, environmentally friendly silicone
Use scenario: car air conditioning air outlet
How to use: Use with the product accessory "iron sheet", use the principle of magnet adsorption to hold the phone

Product advantages:

1) exquisite, compact, durable, and does not occupy space;

2) strong magnetic adsorption;

3) safe and convenient one-handed pick and place;

4) wide applicability, support almost all mobile phones without brand restrictions, horizontal and vertical air outlets can be used;

5) The safe anti-skid mobile phone rotates freely.

1. Lightweight mini suction cup, small and light, can be installed on the air outlet of the car, not easy to fall off, and will not block the line of sight at all;

2. Automatic lock design, the mobile phone will be automatically sucked when it is gently approached, and it can be easily operated with one hand to ensure your driving safety;

3. Suitable for mobile phone/GPS width size: 55MM-100MM

4. Suitable for various types of smart touch screen mobile phones and various GPS navigations on the market;

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