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Children's colorful jagged stone toys

Children's colorful jagged stone toys

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Material: Beech
Whether electric: No
Packing method; white box
Number of building blocks (tablets): 0-38 (tablets)
Color: Hot-selling color version (a group of 11), deluxe version of color stone (a group of 16), experience version of color stone (a group of 5)
Applicable age: Children (4-6 years old)
Surface technology: spray paint

Q: A set of 15 stitching models
Pine 10 pieces: 10 pieces of pine
P: A set of 22 multicolor silica gel stacked stones
O: A set of 16 new wooden balance stones
N: 10 dark silica gel stacked stones
M: 7 colored silica gel stacked stones
L: 5 pieces of background color
K: 5 green silica gel stacked stones
J: 16 luxurious color stacked stones
I: 10 new stripes
H: 22 large colored stacked stones
G: Long strip version of the new building blocks 10
F: 10 hot-selling pink-yellow colors
E: 10 hot-selling green models
D: 10 hot-selling original wood color models
C: Experience version of 5 colored stacked stones
B: Luxury wooden box packaging
A group of 5: 5 beech
A group of 16: 16 beech wood
A group of 11: 11 beech
A: 10 hot-selling color models
36pcs set: 36pcs

Material type: wood

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