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Lucky Cat Creative Piggy Bank Backflow Incense Cash Register Decoration

Lucky Cat Creative Piggy Bank Backflow Incense Cash Register Decoration

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Product Information:
Craft: traditional craft
Material: Zisha/Porcelain/Wood

Color Classification:
Style 1: Xiangyun—Red Lucky Cat
Style 2: Reflection-Red Lucky Cat
Style 3: Xiangyun—Blue Lucky Cat
Style 4: Reflection—Blue Lucky Cat
Style 5: Xiangyun—Black Lucky Cat
Style 6: Reflection-Black Lucky Cat
Style 7: Xiangyun—Yellow Lucky Cat
Style 8: Reflection—Yellow Lucky Cat
Style 9: Reflection—Orange Lucky Cat
Style 10: Xiangyun—White Lucky Cat
Style 11: Reflection-White Lucky Cat
Style 12: Deposit Money-Ximao Jinyun Lucky
Style 13: Save money-Hi cat business is booming
Style 14: Shaking hands-a pot of gold
Style 15: Shaking Hands-Business is Prosperous (Yuanbao)

1. The lucky cat is made of ceramics and fired at high temperatures. It has higher strength and is not fragile, and the surface is smooth and flat.
2. Solid wood seat, distressed texture, clear lines, simple and elegant
3. LED tube, energy-saving, durable, light-emitting soft, can be used as a small table lamp

Note: the price is more than RM200, not responsible for any after-sales, mind not to shoot.

Size Information:

Packing List:
Handmade lotus*1, copper buckle backflow incense holder*1, ornaments*1, collection code clip*2, solid wood frame*1, base*1

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