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Smart Watches Heart Rate, Monitoring Blood Pressure

Smart Watches Heart Rate, Monitoring Blood Pressure

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Main screen size: 1.3 inches
Touch: simple touch
Main screen resolution: 240 * 240
Bracelet size: 42.6 * 37.3 * 11.8
Hardware parameter platform: nRF52832
CPU and FLASH: 512KB FLASH + 64KB RAM, external 64MB FLASH extension
Bluetooth: Support BLE4.0
Acceleration sensor: Roma KXTJ3-1057
Photoelectric detection: PD70 (Taiyiguang)
Battery type: built-in battery
Battery capacity: 300 mAh
Charging: magnetic charging
Waterproof: IP67 waterproof (do not put it in hot water or drive.)
The main function:
Heart rate, monitoring blood pressure; sports data collection; steps; sleep monitoring; sedentary booster; callback, alarm clock, information notification and other functions.
Customize with the client application to synchronize motion data.

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